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Maharashtrian Thaali

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Maharashtrian Thali consists of traditionally prepared dishes from the state of Maharashtra. A typical Vegetarian Menu features koshimbir, Aamti or varan, Roti made with different flours, Vegetables, Lentils, Pickles and other condiments, Drinks and sweets.

When it came to picking up regions from where I could do a thali, I was clear from the beginning that I would do a Maharashtrian Thali for sure. Rest of the two had to be decided.

I feel I may have some affinity towards this cuisine by the number of dishes I have cooked from this state. While I have been brave enough to create an A to Z Maharashtrian Sweets, I am yet to assemble a Thali as such.

First of all, having so many dishes already featured from this state, it becomes quite tough to plan a menu. Finally, I realised that I am yet to make some most popular dishes from this state and that’s what I included in the Thali this time.

Also, since I was keeping only one Roti and Rice, it becomes easy to finalize on the gravy part. I was making this on Ugadi and typically we serve Ugadi feast that day. However, since I planned on making this, I thought a typical Maharashtrian Thali that will also have a Puran Poli, would do just great.

Poli is a must for our Ugadi and since its part of the Maharashtrian Thali, it was simply cool to include it as well. I have already made the Maharashtrian way of Puran Poli, apart from that I have two versions of Coconut Poli, Nuts Poli, Upwas Puran Poli.

Shrikhand which is a sweetened thick Yogurt popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat is our favourite too. I have so many versions of this and could still find more variety to make

Mango Shrikhand
Kesar Shrikhand
Shrikhand Sandesh
Kesar Pista Shrikhand
Strawberry Shrikhand
Chocolate Shrikhand
Almond Shrikhand
Almond Pista Shrikhand

I hope you enjoy this simple recreation of the delicious Maharashtrain Thali, which may not have all the dishes traditionally served, its just my humble recreation of the some of the dishes.

Maharashtrian ThaaliPIN This

How to Plan Maharashtrian Thaali

Maharashtrian Thali Menu was

Maharashtrian Koshimbir

Bharli Batate

Maharashtrian Amti

Roti & Rice

Sweets/ Dessert

Dryfruit Shrikhand
Puran Poli

Maharashtrian Lunch Thaali

Planning on making this Menu

Other than making Puran Poli, none of the other dishes takes much time.
Of course, I had the curds for Shrikhand hung since the previous day. I prepared this sweet the first thing in the morning and chilled it.
I was planning on making a fried dish but dropped the idea finally. Making the puran polis would already take time.
I had the rice soaked and dal on the pressure cooker. Amti is very simple to make and it hardly takes time.
Even Dhapate which is a mixed flour rotti is quite easy to make.
Overall, I took about 2 hrs to get all these dishes done.

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  1. That is a simple yet filling thali. There are a couple of dishes on the menu which I never heard of. So waiting for the recipes. Planning this thali on Ugadi was a good idea as poli is anyway prepared that day.

  2. Maharashtrian food is delicious and a complete Thali is just a treat . You have a good selection of dishes and they all look fantastic .
    And yes I like that long list of shrikhands !

  3. wow A-Z maharastrian sweets sounds amazing valli I missed them. Another fantastic thali from you looks so delicious. Bhareli bhatate is calling me , looks very inviting. How thoughtful of you to include poli and make the maharastrian thali your ugadi feast.

  4. Simply delicious Maharashtrian thali. Such a homey and comforting meal Valli. Pinned to try some time soon. My family will be so happy if I make all these dishes.

  5. Omg the Maharastrian thali is rocking and I am eyeing the dry fruit shrikhand. Lovely spread of delicious recipes in the thali.

  6. I remember all the sweets you made for the BM, and the list of Maharashtrian dishes in your blog is quite impressive. This is a great looking thali and some dishes sound easy to make. Looking at all the thalis this week, I am tempted to make one for myself.

  7. Hi Srivalli
    Lovely Maharastrian Thali…it looks amazing.. Dhapate look nice and great combination of popular desserts..puranpoli and shrikhand

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