Mutter Paneer Masala!

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Recently while on my way back to home, I saw a bicyclist peddling away very fast! It was a busy crowded road, yet he was riding quite confidently and dodging away very well. Seeing him, I was reminded of my own cycling and for a moment something hit me so hard. Will I ever cycle again? I used to be so fond of cycling and have been doing since I was 10 yrs old. I even rode to my collage, which was easily some 6+ kms in one. Yes I remember sharing my first experience with cycle. But I never thought I would completely give it up!
Wonder how such small things kindles so much thoughts and all while trying to wade my way through the traffic. Life has been pretty hectic off late, I guess its same with most of you! Some of my friends and colleagues tell me that they are just unable to handle the pressure. I wonder why life is become so hard. Was this period really so hard for our parents. I should remember to ask Amma about it. To what I remember it was kind of ok, we atleast had time to sit together and spend sometime.

Anyway today’s dish was something I prepared couple of weeks back. Mutter Paneer Masala is one of those first few dishes that introduced me to the fancy North Indian dishes. Though I don’t really like munching on the fresh peas, its always been a favorite of mine. Most times I remember this dish to be quite strong and pungent as served in restaurant here. I really don’t know how authentic dish is supposed to be. I remember a Bengali version which was very tasty and mild. But I always liked whatever was served on my plate!

I enjoyed eating this after a long time and of course promptly forgot to click the pictures. That’s why you can see that its taken in the smallest possible bowl I could find.

Mutter Paneer Masala!

Ingredients Needed:

Paneer – 250 gms
Fresh Peas – 100 gms
Onions – 2 medium, pureed
Tomatoes – 1 medium pureed, 1 whole
Grated ginger – 1″
Finely chopped garlic – 2 nos
Cumin powder – 3/4 tsp
Chili powder – 1 tsp
Coriander powder – 1/2 tsp
Cashew nut powder – 2 tbsp
Cloves – 2
Cinnamon – 1″
Turmeric powder a pinch
Salt to taste
Oil – 2 tsp
Oil for frying paneer

Method to prepare:

Wash and cut paneer into cubes. Fry in oil/ghee to golden colour. Keep aside.

Heat a pan with oil, add the garlic and ginger along with cloves and cinnamon. Fry for a min, then add the onion puree. Saute well.

Next goes the tomato puree along with the fresh peas. Except cashew nut powder, add all the masalas along with salt. Simmer and cook with lid covered for 10 mins.

Remove the lid, add the roughly chopped tomatoes and mix well. Cook for 2 mins, add required water and bring to boil.

Add the cashew nut powder and simmer for 2 mins. The tomato chunks gives a good body to the gravy and chewing that gives a good taste. Finally when the gravy is thick enough, add the fried paneer. Cook in high for a min and switch off.

Serve with Roti or Naan!

How to make Mutter Paneer Masala

Hope my Indian Cooking Challenge members are busy with this month’s challenge, if you haven’t had a look at the Logo, then please do!

End of the week, will be updating on my latest project which has me really excited, will update once its done! Until then have a great week ahead!

Mutter Paneer Masala!

Course Main Dish - Gravies
Cuisine North Indian
Dish Type Paneer Dishes
Author Srivalli
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  1. Hmm..anything with Paneer gets instant attention from me:).One of my favourite curries too..I make this often when fresh peas are in season.Even though the recipe sounds quite similar,I follow a low-fat Matar Paneer recipe which I got from Nupur's blog.For a change,I can try out this,after all we do need some amount of ghee/oil in our food,right???:):)

  2. As I read your intro about the long lapse of time since you've last cycled, I was reminded of myself! I love riding my bike, but it's been sitting in the garage with a flat tire for at least 5 years! Too long to be away from something you love… thanks for reminding me. Not too old yet!

    Your dish looks great. That's one of my faves as it's the dish that got me to LIKE peas… (before that I would eat them, but they never thrilled me). Next time you make this, do try the masala this way: fry the onions in oil first til golden-brown, then add the ginger-garlic and continue to fry a bit, then add the tomatoes and keep frying until the oil returns (moisture of tomatoes is gone). Then add the dry spices and fry just a few seconds before adding some water. Instead of cloves-cinnamon, you can also use a pinch of garam masala at the very end of the cooking. This different frying order is the way to attain a rich, "roasted" flavour in the gravy that you will not soon forget. Cheers!

  3. Me too used to be quite fond of cycling….but have totally given it up now…'s one of the unsafest modes of transport here in our city….
    Love the new logo that you've come up with.

  4. Believe me or not I too was thinking about cycling yesterday while I was walking to the nearby walk in clinic. I saw teenage boys happily riding on their cycles and was thinking about my school days. At least here in Canada we have the facility to walk. Even on busy main roads they have enough space for cyclists/pedestrians on both sides unlike US (atleast in the place I used to live walking on the road was not an option at all) The grocery store was so nearby but we were not able to walk with the cars racing past us.

    I too am a paneer fan Valli. More than I should be!

  5. Today morning only i was thinking i shud buy a cycle and go to office cycling, yeah it sounds weird but here in swiss majority of the people come to office on cycles, i have seen people wearing suits and cycling 🙂 its a good form of exercise and keeps the waist line in shape too!! Mutter paneer masala looks delicious! slurp!

  6. Good one Srivalli. Nice dish. Also in the US, there are many people who come to work by cycle. It really beneficial in many ways, You save money also you get exercised. Nice thought.

  7. Anything with paneer is a hit in our house, I will try this next weekend! As for life's pressures/stresses, unfortunately it has become the norm in India too (I used to think India hadn't changed since I left many years ago lol!). Sorry to say but irrespective of where we live, some of the stress in our lives is self created. We want to do so much in the same 24 hours, trying to be everything to every one…it has helped me to pull back and take a fresh perpsective on life and say no to some things/people. Life is calmer and more enjoyable that way…atleast for me.

  8. Mutter paneer looks delicious. I love paneer and I have been using tofu recently.

    I would love to ride the cycle but had an accident learning to ride the cycle when I was 8yrs old after which I have not learnt cycling.

  9. Hi valli.. even i was very fond of cycling and used to ride to the school which was 6-7 kms from my place and now dnt know will i be able to cycle for a km :). anyways i love this mutter paneer,

  10. One of my favorite dishes, Valli! Pics are great. Yeah, things really change as you grow older and move through different stages of life, right? I haven't cycled in years either!

  11. did i tell u that ur cauliflower masala was a hit here? and yea,u will cycle agian. i bought a cycle last year and really enjoyed it but not time for it this yr.

  12. Srivalli, the mutter paneer looks delicious! I love paneer and this is actually one of my favorites.

    Also, Thanks for mentioning Town Square. So nice of you to help me spread the word.

  13. For the first time I made this dish following ur recipe. Panneer has been in my freezer for too long waiting to be used. Thanks much! Love your blog!

    Just read abt the office lunch. Great work.

  14. Sigh…I've been busy too, just got back to the blogging world after a break. It's true that people seem more stressed out these days, and part of the reason in many cases is because of the lack of family support.
    Any paneer dish is my favourite- would love to try this one out!
    Hope you are doing well, and have some time to relax and enjoy the family!

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