One Bowl Eggless Brownie Muffin

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I was getting ready to bake the next one and Konda came on rushing, saying she will bake this one too. I declined saying she can assist in clicking step by step. She sulked and said I should know that she can manage tough ones as well. I said today’s brownie was also quite simple. Yet I wanted to bake as I was going to measure out the ingredients.

Trust me, being rustic in baking is not always the thing. However I have always ended up getting good results, even if I do not religiously follow the scale. I wanted to use the scale I recently bought and so it came out.

I saw this recipe and I remembered that one different sort is called for. As always I didn’t follow the entire recipe, so much so that instead of banana, I thought apple would be great. I exhausted my semi sweet chocolate so used milk chocolate and dark chocolate chip. Butter was little on the high but then, my folks seem to like their butter in their cakes. so no complains there!

Just this morning, I was wondering why I seem to have become so lazy and
not cooked up anything. While clicking pictures, Konda was asking why I
was only baking chocolate cakes. And why not all dishes as well. I told
her I am behind my schedule for this weeks BM, which also happens to me
my favorite themes. I feel so sad for having missed them. I tagged it
for December Blues and felt I feel all lazy and not energized enough.

Well I hope I get to pull up my act soon.

One Bowl Eggless Brownie Muffins

Ingredients Needed:

All purpose flour – 100 grams (3/4th cup)
Milk Chocolate, chopped – 200 grams (1-2/3rd cups)
Unsalted butter – 150 grams (2/3rd cup)
Cocoa powder – 2 tsp
Apple puree – 1/2 cup
Chopped walnuts – 2 tbsp
Dark Chocolate chips – 2 tbls
Baking powder – 1/4 tsp

How to bake the Brownie Muffins”

Preheat oven to 185 C. I used my stand alone muffin cups and placed them in a baking tray. Else you can grease a muffin tray with cupliners.

In the mixing bowl, take the chopped chocolate, MW for 1 min in spurts of 30 secs. MW till your chocolate melts.

Add butter and MW again for a min or less again depending on the hardness. I took the butter straight out of fridge and hence it was hard. If you are handing soft butter, it will only take 30 secs to melt. Same goes for the chocolate.

Core and peel the apple, make a puree with little water. Add this to the chocolate mix.

Then add chopped walnuts and flour, mix everything well. Add in the dark chocolate chips. Finally add the baking powder.

Mix everything well.

Using an ice cream scope, fill the muffin cups to half. Bake for 12 mins.

Mine was done in 12 mins. The brownie will be googy only as this has more butter. Please do not bake more than 12 for muffins.

This is part of the Bake-a-thon 2015

One Bowl Eggless Brownie Muffin

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Author Srivalli
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