Groundnut Chutney & Groundnut Garlic Powder!

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Groundnut chutney is made daily and is so common like rice at home. But still the attachment and affinity each of us have towards this is amazing. We have it for chapati, Idli, dosa and many times with Rice too. Hot rice, ghee and ground nut chutney and we are ready for the feast! For many years, we used to get the groundnut grown in our lands. Now we don’t take the hassles of transporting it from so far. Still this can’t hindered us from enjoying it, in all its form. We have it boiled, roasted and cooked in gravies! Most of the times, we even eat the roasted ones just after dinner too!

Roasted Peanuts and Groundnut powder with Garlic, makes my basic things to have in Kitchen. This post covers so many aspects. Basics of South Indian Cooking, our passion for Ground nuts and not to mention its great paring with Garlic. Garlic is another important ingredients in our cooking. No Sambar, dal or Rasam is complete without the Garlic. Infact, the tadka that Athamma does for Dhal with Garlic is so intoxicating. It takes you to heaven! Many times, hubby on returning home, asks me if Athamma was doing the tadka. When I say yes, he says, yes I could smell the garlic ourside.

For many dry or medium saute curry that Amma makes, she adds the final touch of magic with the ground nut powder with garlic. So this powder is something we have handy for completing the dish. There are many memories associated with ground nut chutney. Though I find it strange to remember so much about this simple chutney! It was during my 7th grade, when I had gone to visit our family friends place. Aunty had made idlis with groundnut chutney for tiffen.You won’t believe, this is a combo that Amma makes almost every time, yet I was so excited about getting to taste it again. That afternoon remains still so fresh in memory. Aunty is a great cook and whatever time you land at their place, she won’t let you off without eating. So naturally she made me eat Idlis with groundnut chutney and I enjoyed every bite of it. There are many other dishes of her’s that I have enjoyed, but this lone incident is the one that comes to mind when I think of her!

And groundnut chutney without garlic is not groundnut chutney. I love Garlic, infact I love eating them raw. So when it is coupled with my other favorite, the result is so satisfying. When Mathy asked us to cook Garlic, I was thinking there is no dish without garlic, though its not the main ingredient, without it the dish is not complete! So doesn’t this also make it a main one! But time just flew and I didn’t have anything for Jihva and Mathy asked us to think about two recipes, I was racking my mind, when I suddenly remembered my basic powder in my pantry and my favorite chutney. Though garlic is added raw to the chutney, I want to think of it as cooked.

Here are my two garlicky recipes!

Peanut Garlic Powder

Roasted Groundnut – 1 cup
Garlic pods – 6-7 big ones

Method to prepare:

If you are used to roasting the groundnuts, do so and store them for frequent usage. Take the groundnuts in the mixie or food processor. Peel the garlic and grind together in the mixie.

The powder will come together as the garlic tends to stick to the peanuts. Once the powder is fine, spread it on a plate for a while and then store it in an air-tight container. This remains fresh for about 2- 3 days at room temperature else in fridge, it remains good for about 4 -5 days.

I suggest on having roasted peanuts on hand and powder it for 2 days as the garlic tends to be more effective this way. Another way is storing the powdered peanuts and just before adding to the gravy, you can crush the garlic or run it agian with the powder. This way you get fresh garlic taste. Either ways are good.

We use it in dry gravies and kuras.
Brinjal Vepudu- Eggplant Medium Saute
Cluster Beans Curry ~ Mattikayala Kura
Bendakaya Kurma ~ Okra Gravy

And plain garlic in butter is how I love my Garlic bread with Chesse

Groundnut chutney

Roasted Groundnut – 1 cup (100 gms)
Green chillies – 3-4
Sambar Onion (shallot) – 2 medium, if using regular ones, use about same quantity
Tamarind – marble size
Salt to taste
Garlic pods – 5-6

Seasoning (optional)
Mustard seeds + Urud dal – 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves few
Oil – 1/2 tsp

Method to prepare:

Chop the green chillies to small bits, peel the onions, soak the tamarind to make it soft.

Then take all the ingredients in a mixie and grind to not so smooth paste. The taste is more when you have it a bit coarse. I actually don’t mind the smooth paste too.

Though this chutney is the simplest of all, getting this correct is a master piece. Adding the correct amount of tamarind is very important. You can have more garlic if like or grind the onions coarsely, your choice. When you making this chutney for idlis, Dosas, go little on tamarind, as these already be little sour. But when this is to be eaten with rice, you can add a bit more of tamarind.

You can serve as such or else season it with mustard and curry leaves. Seasoned groundnut chutney tastes great with Ven Pongal, most of the other combinations can be great with just plain chutney too.

There was a time, when we are bored with everyday cooking and feel nostalgic, Amma makes rice with Groundnut chutney. Add a wee bit ghee, as I told you there is no better heaven than your plate!

Sending my bowl of Groundnut Garlic powder and Groundnut Chutney to Mathy, who is hosting the Jihva for Ingredient, an event started by Indira, this month featuring Garlic!

Groundnut Chutney & Groundnut Garlic Powder!

Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
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  1. U r so right! I luv groundnut chutney to death…but this with garlic is a new combo to me…Dint know of that before…bookmarked to try 🙂

  2. I totally understand what you mean. It is not made very often in our house but when made daughter adores it. For a person who finds eating very hard this is one chutney that will make eat her food in record time be it rice,dosai or idli.

  3. kamala, yeah it is good..thanks

    Suganya, happens to mine too..I used to carry extra….

    DK, you should try with garlic…you will love it

    indo, great to know that…thank you

    srikar, thank you

    Divya, they are!..

    Cynthia, my pleasure…thank you

    Homecooked, thanks..glad you like them

    MG, thank you…they stay for abt 2-3 days…trick is you should dry them for a while in shade..that way it will good.

    Nithu, thanks

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