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I missed celebrating Navrathri as grandly as we did last year. So thought I should alteast welcome Deepavali in that manner. Yesterday I took out all my cookbooks, paper clippings to browse through the possible sweet and savories that can be done this year. I have shortlisted it to Basundi, Mohanthal, Mysore Pak (looks like both recipes are almost the same, will have to check again) Cheeroties. When it came to Savories, I have fallen short! I don’t know what to make. Please do leave your suggestions. Will be great to get ideas.

We will also have my both SIL and their families visiting us for the festival. So we are gearing ourselves for the grand get together and much merry and fun to happen. While my older nieces are grown up, we still will have five hyper active kids to cater at home.

Hubby dear has already listed out the dishes that I might have to consider making for them. As a prelude, plus as a part of our anniversary, I thought I should make this quick Chocolate Burfi. Also I promised Smitha I will send her one more dish for the MEC: Festive Dishes she is hosting for me.

Read this Chocolate Halwa, you will pretty much know how passionate I am on this halwa. This Chocolate Burfi is almost the same, except different cooking mode and timing. And it gets done by itself in flat 5 minutes! Can you imagine indulging in a sinful treat within 5 minutes of craving for it? This answers your query. Of course provided you stock the ingredients on hand.

If you are anything like me, you will have condensed milk, Cocoa powder and butter all the time on hand. So why wait, just whip and indulge in this tempting Burfi.

As per my own description, I always consider a Halwa to be more lose without any shape. While a Burfi to be able to retain a shape. Well you can ask how Kerala halwa which is mostly cut into cubes are referred as halwa. I don’t know I may call it as halwa but I consider it as Burfi. Another aspect that can contribute would be the texture of burfi tending to be more crumbly. while halwa is mostly chewy. Is that right?

Whatever you may call it, either burfi or halwa this is a time for indulgence and let’s not waste it by discussing on the name!

Making Chocolate Burfi Step By Step

Get all the ingredients ready at hand. That tray is for making brownies. It works fine with this too

In a microwave safe bowl, add the condensed milk.

Next add the cocoa powder to the CM.

Mix the cocoa powder well into the condensed milk.

 Continue until the powder is well blended.

Next add the sugar and butter

Cook the mix in micro mode for 5 minutes

At 3 minutes, take it out and stir well.

After 5 minutes, it will look like this.

Mix well and transfer to the greased plate.

Spread it neatly on the plate

Garnish with Almond slivering.

Cooking Method : Microwave Mode
Preparation Time : 2 mins
Cooking Time : 5 mins
Setting Time : 30 mins or less

Chocolate Burfi in Microwave

Condensed Milk – 400 gms
Cocoa powder – 2 tbsp
Sugar – 4 tsp
Butter – 25 gms (increase more if required)

Slivered Almonds

Method to prepare:

In a microwave safe bowl, take the condensed milk, add cocoa powder mix well. Then add the sugar and butter. Combine everything together.

Micro for 5 mins. At 3 minutes, stop, stir the mix and keep it back for the remaining minutes. At 3 minutes the batter will still be watery.

Once 5 minutes is done, the moisture would have evaporated and it will resemble a crumbly texture. Mix everything well together.

Grease a tray with butter/ghee. Transfer the chocolate mix to the tray and spread it even. Sprinkle the almonds slivering over the top and allow it to cool.

Cut into squares after 30 mins. You will not have perfect squares cutting on the sides as it will be chewy. But you will be able to remove them in shape.

This is the new brownie tray I got from SFO, hubby dear was expecting a brownie to be served. He was pleasantly surprised to bite on a chewy Chocolaty Burfi.

Will try to add either AP flour or Almond flour to get that crumbly texture next time.

Sending this to Smitha who is hosting MEC: Festive Dishes this month.  You have until 31st Oct to send in your entries to Smitha.

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Microwave Chocolate Burfi in 5 minutes | Deepavali Sweets | Step By Step Recipes
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Occasion Diwali
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Occasion Diwali
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