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North Indian Thali

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North Indian Thali is a traditional Indian Lunch Meal having a mix of different appealing and coordinating dishes from the different Indian States in North.

Whether you dine out or make a meal at home, this list of balanced dishes will make your life easy to simply follow this list and enjoy a feast!

My love for Indian Thalis is quite well known, especially when I had an Event dedicated to this theme. I got around 150 different Indian Thalis which was mind blowing!

I have a handful of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Thalis, that are so easy to plan and cook at home.
Do check out the collection of Veg and Non Vegetarian Thali on Cooking 4all Seasons and Vegetarian Thalis on Spice your Life!

Coming to this month’s edition, as before I had a couple of requests coming up for having a Thali theme and to make it easy for all, I included International Spreads as well.

For the day 1 Thali, I chose to make North Indian Thali, that consists of different dishes combined in a well balanced way to appeal to our palette. I decided on a menu and consulted Vaishali for suggestions. I then changed based on what she had to offer. Most of the recipes in this Thali are either from her blog or her recipe that was used in her restaurant.

Couple of North Indian Thalis already on the blog, North Indian Thali 1 and North Indian Thali 2

We really enjoyed feasting on this thali, though due to lack of planning, I ended up cooking a Thali during all the Weekends in March. Imagine having a Mega BM around the corner! Needless to say, I have been more stressed out during weekends, though the satisfaction creating a beautiful thali surpassed all hardship!

North Indian Thali

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How to make North Indian Thali

Pudine ki Shikanji

Raja Kebab

Dry Saute
Jodhpuri Aaloo

Makhmali Paneer

Daal tadka restaurant style

Saffron Rice
Assorted Rotis

Gulab Ki Kheer

North Indian Meals

This entire menu took me about 2 hours of cooking. I started with soaking the rice and putting the milk to condense it for the Kheer.
Next came the aloo that went into the Microwave for cooking
Dal in the Pressure cooker
Paneer was made a day ahead
Once the milk for Kheer got reduced to half, rest of the ingredients were added and cooked. Allowed to cool down as this is served chill
Rice was cooked
Dough for the Rotis was made.
Paneer gravy was made
Aloo was getting roasted in a slow pan.
Finally, the starter was made, which was a speciality from Vaishali’s Restaurant and super hit.
There is one another secret dish in this Menu that will be disclosed later..:)

Hope you enjoyed this treat!

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  1. Omg am awestruck !! valli you have come up with such a delicious spread, am just scrolling and gawking over the thali again and again.. The raja kabab sounds so scrumptious , This thali is a hit, the thali queen herself have helped you with the menu.
    and wow you are a superwomen thali every weekends sounds like a tedious job.. wonderful spread ..

  2. Wow, that is a feast and am sure it was worth the time spent preparing it when entire family relishes the thali.. Will wait for the disclouse of the secret dish

  3. Wow ! The Thali looks well executed , but I am curious to know the secret dish ? I am glad you guys enjoyed he thali , even though it’s a effort ! Looking forward to the rest of the Thalis ????

  4. Hi Srivalli,
    The North Indian thali looks amazing & lovely and definitely worth time and efforts put.
    Raja Kebab looks great
    Best Wishes

  5. O my my!!! Looking at that thali is making me salivate… I have been wanting to make elaborate meals but I have no mood whatsoever to do these days… just seeing your platter is telling me I must get my groove up… that kebab especially looks lipsmacking…

  6. OMG that whole meal took you 2 hours to cook. You are a Super woman. Everything on that Thali looks absolutely delicious. Feast for all the senses.

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