A to Z International Flatbread Recap ~ Mega Marathon BM#87

C4AS Flatbreads Recap

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After what felt like a million years passed by, I am here with the recap of the A To Z Series on A to Z International Flatbread I did as part of the April Mega themed on “Explore the Flavours

This year it became even more hectic as I decided to do a Mega BM in this space as well. I had listed some 8 themes, out of which we could take 4 themes. Since I was keen on doing an A to Z Order in Flatbreads, I picked up to make Flatbreads across the globe under four different themes.

I picked up Flatbreads that were Lunch Box Dishes (Elders), Indian Sweets, Street Food, Breakfasts. I gave my own twist to the Indian sweets and made 6 different Indian Sweet Flatbreads. If you have been a regular, then you would know my love for flatbreads and to create a series like this has been on my mind forever.

I am so glad I was able to successfully complete this. Before going into the recap, there are certain things I would like to share.

When I embarked on this journey to read and research on different flatbreads across the globe, I came across different techniques, methods and recipes. I tried my best to recreate the recipe, at places I may have cut corners, though I tried staying true to the recipe. It is impossible at a time when I am feeding the whole family and not everybody would like it.

So in most cases, my testers have always been my daughter, who is forever very supportive of trying out new dishes, my parents. Hubby dear never says no for to cook but would be happy if he can be exempted in certain bland tasting dishes. He loves spicy food, so I only serve him those that I feel is spicy enough.

Coming to the actual recipes, I always felt that in old days, because things weren’t there to ease the cooking, they used what was available. Doesn’t mean one should still try hard to follow those hard to follow techniques. This is just my views and no offence to those who make in those methods. Food and culture are what connects people. So I really enjoy reading about different cultures and dishes. While I have not have been able to recreate a dish exactly the same way, I adapt to our taste, still, read and enrich my knowledge. I am grateful for all those people who take the pains to record these recipes. At the same time, I would like to do those dishes in my kitchen with things available to me.

Vaishali asked me on the amount of All Purpose flour I must used this edition. I didn’t even kept track as even some of the recipes listed out whole wheat flour, I went ahead using all purpose flour as that was the original flour used.

This journey has been an enriching one and I have enjoyed doing it, even though it has been a gruelling month of work trying to get about 52 done. Hope all enjoyed!

Before I talk about the dishes this edition, some info about what’s been happening since 2013:

April 2013 was weekly themes.
September 2013 was ABC Cooking 
April 2014 was Indian Food Odyssey
September 2014 was Around the world in 30 days
April 2015 was Fire up our Ovens.
September 2015 was a Buffet On Table
April 2016 was a Journey through Cuisine, where I did A to Z Maharashtrian Sweets.
September 2016 was a Cooking Carnival, where I did 26 different Potato Dishes

A to Z International Flatbread

In A to Z International Flatbread

A for Afghan Flatbread

B for Bale Hannina Chapathi

C for Cascioni Romganoli

D for Dhal Puri

E for Emirati Khameer Bread

F for Focaccia di Recco

G for Gur aur Til ki Roti

H for Harcha

I for Injera

J for Janta Roti

K for Khobz al Tawa

L for Laffa Bread

M for Mitho Lolo

N for Nicaraguan Quesillo

O for Obi Non

P for Podpłomyki

Q for Qutab

R for Roat

S for Sheermal

T for Torta Al Testo

U for Ukkarisida Akki Rotti

V for Vastad Rotti

W for Warqi Paratha

X for Xaxaba Diphaphata

Y for Yufka

Z for Zhingalov Khats

Hope you all enjoyed as much I did, making all these dishes.


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  1. Awesome round up ! Valli most of the breads here are new to me , and it is a treat to see so many breads from various parts of the globe . This is one theme which attracted me but one the Indian Street Food love is stronger than breads two , the use of apf ! My family would not have touched these and it sure gets hard , though not impossible .
    The whole series have been a real learning experience and you have rocked !

  2. Absolutely amazing roundup Valli. Kudos to your research skills — you have introduced so many new flat breads from around the world. Loved all your yummy recipes and have quite a few bookmarked to try soon 🙂

  3. Kudos for completing all the 52 dishes. I can resonate your thoughts very well. Food and culture connects us and loved reading your research. I know its hard to recreate but you did with what you had and that’s where your creativity comes in place. Hats off to your and to all those who recorded those recipes.

  4. You simply rocked Valli, i was very much awestruck to see all your research for picking a fantabulous theme with A-Z,I enjoyed thoroughly all your Flatrbread around the world;

  5. Such wonderful roundup Valli and the AtoZ flatbreads surely gives us a lot of ideas for the sep mega BM, hats off to your research and planning so you managed such lovely recipes to post.

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