Anniversary Trip to Delhi ~ Memories of a Foodie in action!

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I finally ticked the only place I longed to visit since I can remember. Of course there are many more places that I want to visit. But Delhi somehow tops that list. It was the place I was to start my married life, a place that sounded all so promising and exciting. A city where I was sure I would enjoy the place and food to my heart’s content.

Being so far away from family and kin was tough for both families to decide. And hubby dear finally decided to relocate. Leaving his job and the place he came to love, landed in a city he loathed for various reasons, to make it his home.

Whether the city endeared itself to him or not he feels at home because he has a family here now. It is hard to compete with a place one grows up in or the place one grows to love!

Though I have never shared our anniversary here, I thought I should this time. This year marking a milestone and yes making an effort to celebrate the 10 short years that we spent together. Where did all these years run? Yes I have memories of each one itched well, but hubby dear wanted to make this even more special by taking me on a surprise trip to Delhi.

He did everything in secrecy knowing we have a long weekend this month. Though its not yet the date, we can’t always choose the day right. So it was decided we would make the best and celebrate the whole month. He arranged with his sister to visit us this weekend so that we can take off for three days. Nobody knew where we were going. He ensured he kept it all secret, except slipping out the name to me once. He covered it again well. So till the last moment I wasn’t sure where we were going.

Red Fort

I know I literally shocked Amma when I called her to inform that we landed in Delhi. For me it was like visiting a place I have always only imagined. Hubby dear took me to all the places he enjoyed, feeding me the food that he always talked about endlessly. I enjoyed every single moment of our short 3 days trip.

I clicked pictures of every single thing. The food, place everything was great. Of course it was very crowded for my likes. But then you can’t expect it to be anything other than that right.

The food part was fabulous. Since our trip involved lot of walking, I was sure I was going to burn out all that extra cream and fat that went into the food

We even managed to visit The Taj Mahal. Its only natural for one to fall in love with!

Taj Mahal

Seeing the place through the eyes of a person in love, makes you love the place more. If only we are blessed with many lives to live in all the places we want. Such wishful thinking!

Oh the many dishes that I tasted. If only those chefs were kind enough to share all those treasures with me. I couldn’t decide which was far more superior, the Amritsari Paneer Chur Chur Naan or the Bikanerwala’s Dal Makhani or the luscious Lassi. Down to all meals, every single dish was most enjoyed!

Chur Chur ka Naan was everything that I have been hearing about for the past 10 years. It was your melt in your mouth, making you experience each bit that you take in. And what more can one ask when its stuffed with Paneer, dipped in a chhole gravy. I never realized when that whole plate got over!

Three short days are never enough to enjoy enough but these memories are enough to last me a lifetime. We made a pact that our next visit would be more lively with our kids in tow.

I am so happy sharing this with my readers and friends. I hope to write more in detail and not bore everybody on board on my trip. Check back on my Journey called Life, if this interested you further!

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  1. Beautiful!! Surprises are more enjoyable, aren't they? Thanks for sharing lovely pictures of your trip. And the food is more inviting 🙂

  2. wow…great to read ur journal of ur journey..delhi is the awesome place i ever went..hope u had the great time….
    pls check my ongoing event "Diwali 2009" on my blog..

    Thank u

  3. Wow i have this huge smile on my face imgining Suresh doing all this for you.
    He is indeed a real romantic isn't he.
    Thumps up for him for doing this for you.
    I am so so happy to hear that you had such a wonderful time and you could see delhi as you were always dreaming to visit the place.

  4. I love everything about delhi except the weather … this city has spoilt me good that way. Happy Anniv dear Srivalli! am yet to see the Taj … it is sooooo crowded!

  5. Happy Anniversary Valli and wishing many more years of love and togetherness.

    Surprise trips are always exciting and glad it was Delhi, which you wanted to visit for a longtime.

  6. Looks like you had a real good time,i am aaawed..:)
    You remembered our trip after marriage,he too took me to delhi and taj mahal b4 our honey moon to Kulu Manali 🙂

    And the paratha and ur description made me hungry!

  7. Wish you a very happy Anniversary srivalli and wish you both many more to come! It was really nice going through the post. And no, it was not boring. Was really nice of your hubby to secretly plan a trip:)

    I love Delhi too, specially for the food all those Dhabas offer! Not to mention the endless shopping oppurtunities:) Have fun on your anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary Valli. Your hubby is real romantic, keeping the whole trip secret sounds so much exciting and fun. Glad to hear that you had a good time.

  9. Thank you very much for the wishes. Its actually falls end of the month. But as I said we just had to make the best..:)..reading all your wonderful comments, hubby has been blushing!..:D

  10. Dear Valli,
    Happy anniversary to both of you.
    God bless you, dear.
    Your hubby deserves a great applause for giving such a romantic surprise.

  11. Wow, A very happy anniversary valli, that sounds really romantic visiting Taj mahal is appropriate, mmmm so you had lovely time right, good for you to have a lovely relaxful break from your busy life.., I would just say that let every be a surprise trip to some wonderful place like this and have many more happy years to come by and keep writing to us every single romantic anniversaries you have 🙂

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