Jab we met ~ Foodies of Chennai finally met!

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Well after a planning of many months, many emails we finally met. And a what lovely meet it was. We thought of meeting at Amethyst, but finally Lak was sweet enough to let us in her home!

We all decided that none of us would reveal our identity, so each person coming in had to identify others. I guessed all of them except Jayashree! We had lot of fun making Kamini and then Renuka guess everybody!

We had total fun and whats with so much food!. Finally Renuka and Bharathy were also able to join us.

This is one lovely picture!

Rachel baked a lovely looking and even lovelier tasting ladenia for us! It was just tooo good!

Kamini’s aloo tikkis were just too yummy!

Sra’s paneer curry, it was a feast!

Arundati’s Idiyappam and Mango pulissery!

I made Channa pulao and Onion Raitha

Lak made this yummy curd rice…how can we have a feast without this!

Lavi got Rosogullas, this is the first time I am eating a rosogulla!…yeah yummy.

Jayashree brought chakkavaratty payasam, I was so full that I couldn’t eat there, so got some home!..
Nirmala’s florentines, ok I was thinking they were some cookies…she actually promised eggless cake for me,…but this was just too good to be missed!

Kamalika’s chakkara pongal..lovely..all in all we had too much of sweet overdose!

Finally I made coconut barfi as giveaway gifts. Hope everybody liked it

And Arundathi made lovely Banana Cake, feel bad that I didnt take a picture of that. My kids were too in a hurry to rip open it! Anu was so sweet that she packed a beautiful one for all of us!

Well, the meet was just too good and we are planning meet more frequently!…The talk was only about food food..all in all so much fun!

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  1. Lovely title Srii, U gurls had a blast!! so, u are Valli now.. a name change! .. the pics are too gud da..


  2. ohhh thats so lovely…..:) i wanna eat everything… hehhe send it to me now :P…. are there any meets in los angeles people??/ take me in 😉 hehehhehe to eat 😛

  3. Excellent idea of foodies meeting up. I have been wondering for a while as to which food bloggers can easily meet up in Bangalore.

    Its just awesome to have many delicacies from many experts on one table!

  4. Sigh…the next time I am in Madras you all have to organise another blog party ok? 🙂

    Seems like such a great time and some delicious food!


  5. Laks called me up soon after the meet 🙂 How nice that you all had such a great time!! you are amazing Sri dear! posted the details so fast??!!! 😀 loved all the dishes !! slurp! slurp! next blogger meet at chennai I will be there for sure!

  6. Raaga, Thanks for the entry!…and yes we had great time…looking frw for your visit!

    Divya, yeah it would’ve been great if you had joined us!..sure..

    kamala, yep..it was just too fun!…sure sure

    Siri, hahha…all my hubby’s credit!…hahah..I have always been valli!…thanks..I loved them..they came out so well!

    Kalai, yep yep it was too much fun!

    Uma, yeah and each one tasted heavenly!

    Mandira, you can say that again!..it was like meeting old friends!

    Sandeepa, well sorry I been off schooling long back!…so can’t understand what you are saying….:))

    Rachel, thanks..and your olive bread was the topper!

    Anjali, yes it was just too good

    Vanamala, yeah it was great

    Shubha, thats a nice one…I guess you can search for fellow bloggers and meet ..its too good!

    sunita, yes it was fun and it was like meeting old friends

    Cham, hahhah…yeah yeah I understand!

    Roma, thank you!…infact there are quite a lot of bloggers from bangalore…why you don’t you announce a meet!…maybe people will come forward

    DK, hhaha…thanks da…

    Tee, hhhehe..it was fun part!

    bee, yeah I don’t like bengali sweets, but this time couldn’t say no to lavi’s sweet pester!…:)

    shriya…yes it was fun..and maybe next time you come down here..we can!

    indo, yes it was fantastic…and we did…heheh..it was so funny seeing the person trying to guess others!…and yes you are one of them!…thanks

    Nam, it was great!

    Lathamma, you should’ve been there..we missed you!..we are looking fwd for the next meet!

    Prajusha, yes we did…:)

    Miri, sure sure..it will be fun!

    SMN, yeah it was great!

    jayasree, yep we did…its like meeting an old friend!

  7. Enjoyed meeting you all..even I was in a lost world..sort of amnesia..and a confused state of mind as I was not at all prepared to appear!..
    Loved your burfi Valli..
    Nirmlas choco warpped cookies..Lavi’s rasgullas..Arundatis banana cake..(was a hit with my daughter and I had to grab a piece to taste)..
    The Meeting was simply the sweetest! 🙂

  8. Kamini, maybe next time!

    Asha, yeah wish you were here!

    Medhaa, thank you..we sure had lots of fun!

    Pearlsofeast, thanks!

    bhags, hahah..maybe next time!

    Bharathy, it was indeed very nice that you could make it…thank you..

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