Mango Delivery Man ~ Mango Manthram!

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Well we are way into May and yet to taste any Mango till now! What a sad thing indeed. Come summer and its highlight to see mangoes piled up high in all corners. Those we have had our share of raw mangoes and have made Mambidikaya Pappu and chutneys, the ripe ones are yet to hit our home. I was telling hubby about this and he said we enjoyed the mangoes so much last year to last a life time! We mostly eat them as such and never make anything with ripe mangoes, except of course eating them curds rice. This is my most favorite way of eating them.

When I started talking this to office, most of them expressed surprise at this combination and yes, I introduced them to this wonderful taste. And there was no turning back for any of them. Since Indira announced the Mango Mantharam, I knew I had to doodle a picture capturing the mood. Guess the mood is, I am dreaming of the Mango Man to come with a basket of Mangoes, bearing the richest one to offer! I have often thought about our native village which had mango trees.

The varieties that I love are mulgoba, Banganapalli and Benishan. Each one has its own unique taste and the dish you prepare changes with the variety used. There was a time, when I used to make lot of Mango ice creams, smoothies. Last year I was even making Milk shakes. What a taste it has!

Only yesterday I was wondering when I will get down doing a sketch and this morning I was searching for my old paintings. I have Amma’s muggulu book and went through them, searching if she had a rangoli on Mango. I also remember a water colour painting of Sakuntala eating a Mango while Dushyanta was looking at her adoringly. I had done it during high school and should be somewhere in the attic. But thinking of searching for those, daunts me and really don’t have the energy searching for it. So finally thought will do a new one.

So here is the Mango Man delivering a basket full of Mangoes. Hope he does a fast delivery and land here soon!

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  1. Iam waiting for the mango man with sweet and yummy mangoes to arrive too…:)…what we are getting right now are tasteless and pricey ones….:(

  2. I ate a mango yesterday!!! It was an expensive Rs.20 mango, made a salsa and 3 of us shared it! lol!! can’t wait for the mango man too! never had it with curd rice, but that will soon be remedied (ie as soon as they appear!).

  3. Valli The painting is so perfect.
    Looking forward more of ur paintings from the attic.We too eat curd rice with ripe mango.The taste is heavenly.I used to wait for summer to eat mango with curd rice

  4. I know the feeling of loving that delicious fruit. I am expecting a crate of mangoes today and I am just so excited that I am sitting next to the door right now just looking out the window. I LOVE mangoes :-p

  5. Awesome picture, Valli! You are really talented, girl! Unlike Indo, I wouldn’t be able to draw that even in my dreams. Drawing is definitely a weak point for me. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

  6. Nice painting, Sri…..Iam awful at painting…if I paint mangoes, I’ll have to put a big sign board saying M.A,N.G.O next to it or nobody will know what it is ….

  7. Too few mangoes this year because of the unseasonal rains. And I have to agree with Satya, not much taste either! I bought some Himayat two weeks ago – tasteless. I’ve eaten mangoes just twice so far, usually have one for lunch every day in the summer!

  8. Nice painting! Will the mango man come here too ? 🙂
    Last week I saw Alphonso mango in our grocery store…but what a rip off…$4 for one mango and that too they were still green!!!

  9. Cute painting!!! I love curd rice with Mangoes… very good combination. Hope your Mango Man delivers some Mangoes in Seattle too… I just miss them here.

  10. satya, so true..we had our first yesterday and it was bad!…hope he comes soon…this might it might be my FIl..cos we have asked him to get a basket from andhra!…hehehh

    Jayashree, hahah..that will be so sweet..hope you will do it sometime, so that I can identify it correctly!..:)

    indo, I am sure it will be such a sweet sketch! your granpa has great taste!

    Lavi, thank you

    Arundathi, you did…great..and yeah its so damn expentsive and not at all worth it…you should then eat the ripe sweet ones with thiyar sadam..nothing like that to beat!

    sra, yeah! true..last year it was plenty!..hahah..thank you & thanks

    kamala, sure my friend..will bring them down..then you know how wonderful it is..

    Ben, hahah…I like that…wish I could see the waiting part!…

    bee, hahah..thanks!

    Kalai, are being so modest I am sure…glad I did..its my pleasure!

    Tee, hahha..hope he does..looks like so many are waiting for him!

    Uma, thank you…glad its liked

    Sukanya, thnak you…

    Ramya, hhaha…wish pray for him to land in your place soon

    Divya, thank you

    Anjali…you are so sweet..nothing like yours!

    Cilantro, glad you liked it…hahha..will send him over there!

    sowmya, thank you

    Homecooked, great…and thank you..

    vegeyum, will send him your way

    Suganya, thank you ..glad you liked it

  11. All the discussion about mangoes makes me jealous! Where I live we do not get mangoes except the tasteless varieties which have been picked green and shipped long distances to the grocer’s.

    Lovely artwork!

  12. Nice sketch !!!
    Ripe mangoes with yogurt and poha, sweetened with jaggery is a fav in Bengal, don’t know if you have ever had such a combo

  13. I love the mangoes in mango man’s basket. They look so good. Thanks Srivalli for this lovely contribution to mango manthram event.

  14. Hi Sri,
    That is a wonderful cartoon featuring mango. I enjoyed participating for this event. I guess you did so too!

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