Memories the Essence of Life ~ Best of 2019!

Best of Year - 2019

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How much ever we plan, things happen as it is destined! I am a sucker for planning and executing things on plan. There are moments in life, things just happen on their own design.Times like that makes you realize you are nothing in the face of what life has to offer!

The year 2019 has almost been the fastest year I have felt, even though I have been to be saying this the last few years. I thought I remembered January and its almost the last day of this year!

The last two months has been tough on health front, so one of the biggest plan I must make is to change things on health front and follow a better diet and fitness plan. I almost couldn’t make this post on time. I felt I had to capture the mind frame and essence of this moment!

While through the months things have gone as planned and I was able to do most things, there were still things I wish I could’ve done.

Coming to the blogging front, I had posted about 120 recipes on both Cooking 4 all Seasons and Spice your Life!

We did two Mega BMs and I managed to do AtoZ Quick 30 Minutes Meal on C4AS and AtoZ Biryani, Pulao and Khichadi on SYL.
Then did a complete Sweets and Snacks on both C4AS and SYL

I also completed 11 years on Spice your Life! As usual I completely forgot my anniversary in this space!

One of the biggest event that happened was our Blogging Marathon’s 100th Edition Celebration Meet we did in Hyderabad. It was such a fantastic and mind blowing event we organized. It was a grand success and we were happy to meet so many of our friends from different countries. The five days spent together was just not enough!

Best of Year - 2019

This is the collection of recipes posted on C4AS

C4AS Recap

This is the collection on SYL

SYL Recap

As always I have so many things planned, looking forward to a more productive year on all fronts!

This is my account of memories that this year has been. Though I wanted to write so much, I know I can’t. So signing off with wishes for many more wonderful things to come.

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