A trip to remember!

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Recently I read somewhere about the pursuit of happiness and what averted impression we tend to have of our of bygone holidays. We end up thinking and remembering them to fun filled and exciting! Yes, we tend to forget the misery we undergo and all other things, years later what we remember is only the joy we think we felt. Yes I know this being true for our vacations too. I spend most times worrying about the kids not eating, jumping around the car when hubby dear is trying to catch up the miles, worrying that the kids are running around so much that for sure they won’t sleep in the new place. All these happen, we go through it, yet when the days come to end, we miss the fun we had along the days! And later on, we end up longing for another vacation!

Our 3 days short trip to Anantapur, came to end so very soon. But we sure enjoyed meeting the family again. Kids loved meeting their cousins and playing with them. Especially with the boys remembering so much, they end up asking so many questions! The long drive covering about 420 kms was fun. The kids were so excited, we planned to have an early start, yet made it late. Surprising we were able to reach much ahead than we thought. In between we had a halt for breakfast, as always the boys didn’t eat much. We packed for Chinnu and he ate on the journey. He sure knows his priorities. He played maximum on the sliding board and with the sand that covered the lawn. Knowing so well that we will not forget his breakfast. I had in store a never ending supply of gems, chocolates and other treats. Well I thought it was after all a vacation for them to indulge in these.

We reached my sil’s place late afternoon, on time for a late lunch which was Uggani and Chilli Bajji. As usual the Uggani that I get to eat in Anantapur is different, which I enjoyed so much. The entire family clan were meeting up for the house warming ceremony of my second sil. It was much too exciting to see the work in progress. Infact some pending shopping was scheduled for later in the evening, for which I happily enlisted my services, though I hardly know the place. My Bil’s Rakhi sister S, was helping them in the entire shopping and the work involved. She was just an enthusiastic person, voluntarily taking all the work load and seeing it being done successfully. Her enthusiasm was surely infectious, that I couldn’t but offer my helping hand, entrusting the kids to their aunties.

We divided the task on hand into two, giving one list to my BIL and the rest to ourselves. She said the trip will involving going to the old town. I said I was game for anything. I almost forgot my camera! The trip was an eye opener with so many wonderful new things. We drove past crowded market place where new roads were being laid out. So you can see muddy, cramped roads all over. This didn’t deter any of the happy shoppers on the road.

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First we went to pick up Roses. Since it was almost evening we couldn’t get many to choose from. Yet they were so pretty! We walked further down the road, with Coconuts all piled up, with so many innumerable things all waiting for the shoppers to buy. We were buying Betal leaves, Flowers, Diyas, Diya Threads and many more. I am sure I was looking so very comical, hanging around with my camera on, with on lookers giving me that funny look. I didn’t care, I told S that I have a greater task of recording my day. She sure was amused.

We landed in a shop that sold all these Ayurvedic stuff and I came about some wonderful things that are used for infants. I saw these weeds and knew it was Vertiver, I remember Amma making a biryani with the water. I picked up some for her and also clicked so many pictures of these herbs and plants that are given for babies.

We walked through unbelievably narrow stretch to reach the other end. I seriously can’t still believe I actually crossed that stretch. S was so swift even with her heals. I know I always have two left foot! But thankfully no mishap happened, we got back with all the things shopped and ready!

Kids hardly missed me what with playing with their cousins. Finally after dinner, we all sat for a mehendi session. Gorintaku or Marudhani on the hands and feet always symbolized special occasions at home, but its been upgraded to the borrowed tradition of the north by applying henna with the cones. My niece is quite good at it and very obliging applied for the entire family, including Peddu and Chinnu. While Chinnu wasn’t patient enough to have it through the night, Peddu very diligently had his hand upright through the night, so much so that he has a beautiful shade of red by morning on his hand!

The day just flew with the pooja and loads of guests coming. I never realized we could do so much in such short time. In the evening, the kids wanted a Bachhon-ka party with Pizzas and Burgers. The kids sure had lots of fun.

Sunday saw us getting ready for the trip back home. My SIL got up early to have our lunch all prepared and packed. She made her signature Colour Rice, Chicken Pulusu and Potato curry for me. We started back pretending to go for a merry round the city, as Athamma stayed back for a week’s vacation. We had a halt for lunch under the same place we had from our previous trip. We were really happy the trip back was quick and event less.

Since we are on our own, its been quite hectic. I may not cook anything new until next week. But would surely share my lunch box recipes that are in store!

Hope you enjoyed reading our adventures! Have a great week ahead!

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  2. Hi Srivalli – long time since I could visit and I really enjoyed reading this travelogue πŸ™‚ Sounds like such a happy time and your photos are lovely too!

    Looking forward to that kala chana recipe now πŸ˜‰

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