Wanna get shaken by the date with Date?

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Well finally here’s my date with the Date. Its always the same with all the events. I plan and plan to do something really new and innovative, but never get time around to do that. Since the time Chandrika announced Dates, only dates have been going on my mind when I look at a fruit. We consume dates daily as such, so thinking of some dish with this was so difficult.

I still remember the first time while at college, when Amma and I prepared Bhel at home. Amma prepared this wonderful Dates sweet chutney for the Bhel and it was wonderful. We had since many times prepared the same. Amma’s chutneys for the Bhel used to be so tasty. I always thought our Bhel puri was never met on par with taste nor texture. But its really been ages since we made Bhel puri at home and I was really tempted to prepare the same for this event.

But I am sure there will be lot of Dates chutney for the event. So I will save mine for another day. So here comes a simple dish made with Fresh Date paste with chilled milk and Vanilla Ice cream.

Get ready to be shaken by the Dates Milkshake!

Chill sweeten Milk in fridge. Make a paste of fresh Dates. Then run the dates puree with chilled Milk and finally add Vanilla ice cream and run it again in juicer.

Top it with pieces of chopped dates and another scoop of ice cream.

Your Milkshake is ready.

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  1. Sig, hhaha..glad you like it…I am a sucker for grand and catchy titles!

    lakshmi sure…will be glad to make and serve it again. I was really amazed at the taste.

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