Memories the Essence of Life ~ Best of 2017!

Best of 2017

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Sometimes even if you are late, it is still worth doing it. This post is something of that sort! Though I remembered to announce, I wanted to confirm if my friends are up to doing their best of the year. Then I realized the year was ending on a weekend and that put everything into a chaotic mood.

While I do sound so cliched, it is true that yet another year passed away too quickly! On the home front, we saw a lot of changes, like I had to pay more attention to my boys’ education. It was just not enough and that has really put a lot of stress and strain on all of us. I hardly found time to cook anything for the blog. We managed just with the regular dishes. That is some area that I need to improve on.

Overall blogging seems to have taken a back step. While I still tried my best to work on this, I somehow felt I had to give more attention to my other important aspects of life. Thinking about it, there are not big resolutions or aims for the new year.

I have decided to take as it comes. In the face of things, one realizes that we have no power to go against forces or plan too much. So just going along is the best answer.

Best of 2017Though I could’ve done much better, I managed to cook only 97 in Cooking 4 all Seasons & 127 in Spice your Life!

Some of the dishes I cooked on C4AS

Best of C4ASSome of the dishes I cooked on Spice your Life!

Best of SYL

My Blogging Marathon has literally kept me going. Last year was good because I had planned the year’s themes ahead. Though it didn’t help me plan well or cook anything ahead, the stress in thinking about interesting themes was removed!

The Biggest highlight of the year was having our Blogging Marathon’s 75th Celebrations at Delhi. The BM#75 Meet was for 3 days, however, some of us went 2 days before of a sightseeing and had the most gala time of our life! I don’t think any of us can live down those days ever! Whenever I see those pictures, I get reminded of our meet and I would want to plan another one very soon!

Next are our Monthly Marathon we do on SYL. This is 26 days of nonstop fun. First was the A to Z Baked dishes across the world and then was a personal challenge I took up for the Protein Rich Dishes for Sep, when I did A to Z of Bengali Sweets. Both the events were so welcomed and enjoyed at home and by readers!

On C4AS, I have been doing more of our weekend mini thalis that are mostly shared on Instagram. I was planning to post the dishes, I should do it this year at least!

For Bakeathon this year, it was a mix of Cookies, Cakes, and Savory Bakes. Some of the dishes were topnotch that I plan to repeat them again.

I know I can go on for some more time, I leave you here to enjoy the pictures! See you soon in the roundup of Best of 2017.

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  1. Loved reading your recap of 2017 Valli. I am always amazed how you manage to do some much in a day — I wish I had at least 1% of your organizing skills 🙂 Here’s wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Also wishing you make and post more and more delicious dishes and meals.

  2. I second Pavani. I always love and wonder how you manage all these stuffs. Hats off. Too much of planning never works for me too. Also I really agree, going along with the flow is always the best. Wishing all the very best and many more recipes to come in 2018.

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