Happy Krishna Jayanthi / Janmashtami

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Happy Krishna Jayanthi / Janmashtami to all my readers!

Janmashtami has been a two day affair this year. Yesterday being sunday we are not in the usual Krishna Jayanthi celebration mood which normally means dressing up the kids as Krishna and Balarama and imprinting the Lord’s feet. I made Atukula Payasam / Beaten Rice Payasam yesterday and totally forgot that Athamma and Amma wanted to celebrate this evening. When I came back from office, I saw both Peddu, Chinnu all dressed with Vishnu Namam and all set for the celebrations.

Amma had made Murukus and Bellam Murukulu, while Athamma made some other sweet with rice dumplings. Now that I remember I know it’s funny that I have not posted Aval Payasam, but I guess it’s very simple for anybody to make it..:)

Seeing this always make me nostalgic as I love that Lord Krishna’s idol seen in the above picture. Amma always offer this idol the neivedyam on Krishna jayanthi. I have been having this idol since my teens and is made of pure sandalwood. And always brings back fond childhood memories.

Neivedyam for Lord Krishna ~ Jantikalu or Muruku, Aval Payasam, Manoharam (different recipe)

Lord Krishna coming into the home…

I didn’t deck up the boys in the traditional dress, but they sure had the Namam which looked so pretty on them.

Will be back with recipes later.

Hope everybody had a great celebrations today!

Krishna Jayanthi 2007
Krishna Jayanthi 2010

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  1. Nice pics…

    and could you tell me where do you get baking ingredients in chennai.
    especially choco chips, dark chocolate. dried fruits… bcz its hard to find in my area.

  2. Thank you everybody, hope you all enjoyed the festival..

    Maya I mostly get everything in Niligris supermarket. You can try any branch. All the branches all these stocked. In particular I frequently RK Salai one. Let me know if you don't find them.

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