Ganesh Chaturthi Greetings | Vinayaka Chavithi Subhakanshalu | Festival Dishes for Ganesh Chaturthi

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“Vinayaka Chaturthi Subhakanshalu to all my readers!”
I hope everybody had a wonderful time celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at home. We have had a great time since the morning. Kids are tired and napping. And I quickly wanted to wish and share our celebrations today.
I was up early to make sure I had the neivedyam ready early for the pooja. We went to buy the Ganesh Idol and I went along with Hubby dear to the market for the shopping. Kids were busy playing and didn’t notice us leaving. I was sure they won’t have allowed us otherwise. We were buying for Amma also, so everything went in as two sets, which was fun.

Our Idol this year decorated with flowers and offered with fruits, his favorite sugar cane, fresh Bajra

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Neivedyam for Lord Ganesha! ~ Puffed Rice with Jaggary & Fried Gram, Brown Channa Sundal

Neivedyam for Lord Ganesha!  ~ From Left Front to Right Poli, Purnam Kudalu, Sesame Laddoo, Rice Flour Laddos, Uddi Bonda, Sweet Modak with Coconut Filling, Ellu Kozhukattai,  Chirtrannam & Brinjal Potato Kurma

Amma’s pooja room, Lord Ganesha before
Pooja at Amma’s place.
After I completed my pooja, I went to help Amma with her neivedyam. Hers is even more elaborate. tradition and this year she made a few more dishes that she used to offer in her initial years of marriage.  My cousin has come down to visit us, so when I went to my parents’ home, I found Konda and my sister making the Sweet Modak, so I took up to make the Sesame Laddoos. Amma said during her initial years of offering, she used to offer Idlies also. So she made them this year.

Apart from the usual neivedyam, Amma also made Bellamannam or Sakarai Pongal, Sundal, Mixed Dal Carrot Vadas.

Will be back tomorrow with pictures from the market place and the new recipes

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