Rontose | Konkani Rice Poori ~ A to Z Indian Pooris


Rontose is a deep fried Rice Bread made for a leisure weekend special breakfast. This popular Konkani delicacy is served with Dalithoy, a dal made with Toor and Potato. These Rontose is also called as Rontoso or Rontus or just Rontos. The side dish served with these Rice Pooris is a dal made with Toor […]

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Dahi Poori | Indian Deep Fried Bread made with Curds

There can’t be a greater love than for a fried one, especially if it is a poori variety. Pooris are regulars at home, being made every alternate Sundays. Previously it was a weekly affair, however with Appam Tomato Kurma becoming the fancy for kids, the pattern was changed to alternate weeks. Even otherwise I never […]

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Aloo Paneer Kofta Curry Recipe ~ Weekend Cooking!

Last weekend when I made the Tomato Pulao in microwave, I was thinking what should be done as the side dish for the pulao. Hubby dear doesn’t like just Onion raitha being served along with the pulaos as they hardly ever spicy. So a spicy gravy is what he expects most times. Normally with the […]

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Veggie Hot Dog | How to make Indian Style Veg Hot Dog

Indian Style Veg Hot Dog

Indian Style Veg Hot Dog is a fusion take on the popular American Hog Dogs. With cheese and kababs, this makes a delicious evening snack for kids and elders alike. It was the time when American food became popular and wherever you go, you are tempted with Pizzas, Burgers etc. We saw joints like Pizza […]

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Parotta | How to make Healthy Flaky Parotta at home

Today’s recipe is a Healthy Flaky Parotta. Parotta is a popular layered flatbread from Southern India, made from Maida or Refined Flour and a common street from in Southern India, like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the neighboring country of Sri Lanka. This flatbread goes by different names like porotta, kerala parotta, malabari porotta, or malabari […]

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EggLess Black Forest Cake

If there are few things I miss eating since becoming a pure Veg, its Cakes that tops the list. I still remember the divine taste of delicious chocolate truffle or Black Forest cakes and long for such taste again. This need drove me to bake my own versions of Egg less cakes. Friends used to […]

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