Khoya Badam Burfi | How to make Badam Burfi in Microwave

Khoya Badam Burfi

Microwave Khoya Badam Burfi is a quick Indian Sweet you can prepare if you have all the ingredients on hand. You can use store bought Khoya or homemade Khova. Using store bought, this sweet is very easy and quick to get done in microwave. I have a huge milk powder packet to use up, plus […]

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Carrot Burfi | How to make Gajar Barfi

Carrot Burfi

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all my readers! Carrot Burfi or Gajar ki Barfi is yet another quick sweet you can make for festivals. I have used khoya and condensed milk. You can use milk as well, though it is more time consuming. There are so many ways to make this sweet. I kept it simple […]

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Golpapdi Recipe | How to make Gujarati Gol Papdi

Gujarati Gol Papdi

For the third day of Indian Sweets, I made Golpapdi, the famous Gujarati Sweets. I have this bookmarked for a long time and have been wanting to make it ever since I had made the Gujarati Thali. Even though the recipe was so simple and quick to make, I somehow couldn’t make it. I finally […]

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Chocolate Palkova

This post comes a day delayed. I was hoping I will get this done when the idea struck, however I got delayed. When I had taken my Chocolate Halwa to my colleagues, some of them were very curious on the next dish to be prepared. I shared couple of ideas and they were discussing about […]

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Chocolate Burfi ~ Easy Diwali Sweet

Chocolate dishes are the easiest ones to make, especially like the Chocolate Burfi I made for Deepavali. After debating much on what sweets to make, apart from the traditional ones, I thought these chocolate sweets are the easiest and not to mention the most quickest to disappear. Imagine I made this the night before yesterday, […]

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Vermicelli Coconut Burfi

After what was a nomad life for the better half of the month, we are back to our routine with Athamma returning from her trip. I think she cut short her trip because of the simple fact that Chinnu refused to speak to her over the phone. While Peddu tried enticing her by promising never […]

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7 Cup Burfi ~ Indian Sweet for Deepavali Step by Step!

It’s a nostalgic feeling this time around. With memories gushing in and one’s wanting to capture every moment in frozen capsules, to savour what the new feeling gives in and caressing the old ones that gushed in. Maybe it is only a perceived notion that new memories replace the old ones? But it is not […]

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Coconut Burfi ~ A Delicious Indian Sweet!

Coconut Burfi a succulent, chewy Indian sweet is something that finds itself on our table when we have excess fresh coconut on hand! We often find ourselves with excess coconuts and the only remedy is Coconut Barfi. You ask why so many coconuts? Well with so many festivals round the clock and lot of poojas […]

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