Sambhar Powder ~ Classic Home Made Recipe!

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When it comes to Sambar, we always prefer the home made sambhar powder. In andhra sambar is not regularly made. But after parents have settled in Madras, Amma has been making these regularly at home. She said she has arrived at this proportion after many trials to suit our taste. We normally get the whole spices and then get it ground fresh and store it for about 2 months. Sambar is something that comes to rescue on a sunny day or rainy day too! When we don’t’ know what to prepare for lunch, Sambar is always there. And its so healthy too, as we try to add as many vegetables in it.

Amma’s sambar is well known for its taste and consistency. Though this is a simple recipe, getting it correct matters a lot. My in laws love this recipe and Amma always sends them fresh ground Sambar podi, whenever they visit us. Still sambar for different accompaniment varies. When we make sambar for idli, its different from how we make for rice. Though the method is different, the sambar powder is the same!

Ingredients Needed

For 4 members, 20 times, this can stay for 2 months.

Whole Coriander Seeds or Dhania / Malli – 250 gms
Round Dry Red Chillis -250 gms
Tur Dal – 25 gms
Bengal Gram – 20 gms
Whole Peppercorns – 10 gms
Cumin Seeds / Jeerakam – 10 gms

Fenugreek Seeds /Venthaiyam- 5 gms

Sambar powder by sun drying:

Method to prepare:

Sun dry all the ingredients and grind to a smooth powder!

This method keeps the powder good for 2 months.

Sambar powder by Roasting Method:

The homemade Sambar powder can be made by even roasting each ingredients separately and then grinding together to a smooth powder.

The sambar powder made this way will stay for about 15 days. So for a change in taste, we at times make this way fresh and prepare the sambar.

We don’t’ add Turmeric stalk and Asafoetida to the sambar powder as we add them to the tur dal when its cooked.

Sambar powder can also be used to make exciting roasts!

Spicy Potato Roast
Arbi Roast

Check out my different Sambars made with this sambhar powder!

This is part of my series on Essentials for Basic Indian Cooking! Check out my other posts in this series!.

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Sambhar Powder ~ Classic Home Made Recipe!
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Cuisine Tamil Nadu
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  1. ya nothing beat our home made sambhar powder valli.I too make only at home.Amma has the proportions like yours but grandma makes it little different.I could smell the aroma!!

  2. mmm. home made sambar powder! I can smell it from the picture. I also make sambar powder at home, but I don’t add the dals and the peppercorns to the recipe. I add these only to the rasam powder.

  3. Love the home made sambhar powder Srii, I made ur Okra Sambhar and posted on my blog.. Hope u have seen it.. It tasted yumm..:D


  4. I make sambar powder at home too…amma’s recipe who else! I esp love when after u grind everything , the fresh smell thats wafts -be it for sambar/rasam , thats simply tooo good!. Good one Valli

  5. we make the sambar powder at home too, and i love it. but recently i had a fantastic sambar made with Aachi Sambar Powder. It really was delicious. So when you don’t have time to make your own, this is a great option!

  6. As you say, sambhar makes occasional visits and hence made with freshly ground powder….I add a tiny bit of cinnamon and a clove to enhance the flavour..!

  7. even i make sambhar pdr at home….so much better than store bought…we can adjust the flavor in the pdr according to our taste…will try urs next time..

  8. Hc, yeah Amma has always been, so following her recipe … tastes great too!

    kamala, agreed..maybe you can share your grandma’s recipe too!

    lakshmi, that was a lovely pizza..great to have in that!

    Hetal, thank try..and let me know!

    Uma, oh thats nice to know..but try with sambar next will be great!

    Siri, oh so sweet..glad you enjoyed it!

    DK, thank you dear!

    Anu, Oh is it..thanks..will surely try it when its not possible to grind our own!

    Cham, yep..its simply the best!

    Swati, heheh…thats so nice..but maybe I can convince you to try this out!

    vb, thanks for dropping by..thats a cool idea..will try it out sometime!

    Madhavi, you are try and let me know!

    satya, glad to know!…and thats really exotic sambar!..:)

    Sagari, thank you

    Asha, thank try and let me know!

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