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It feels like ages since I have actually done anything. I just needed something to push me back to being regular here. And that was the party that parents hosted last night. They had their friends coming in over for dinner and Amma was preparing all the dishes. I planned in to pinch in early, however Amma said one of the aunties is coming over early to help her. She ended up making a new dish for us, rather for me as I was really pestering Amma to make something new. I have been so up against the wall in terms of cooking new dishes for this space!

I had told her ahead that I was expecting her to think of something new and she politely told me that a party is exactly not a time for her to experiment. Well I simply had to heed her words. I got lucky when Vasantha Aunty agreed to make the Chicken curry she makes. She is a wonderful cook and an expert when it comes to making Non Veg dishes. Daddy always keeps praising her dishes and though we have never tasted her food, from the content look that gets settled down, says enough.

Venue : Home
Number : 12

Our Dinner Party Menu was:

Mixed Fruit Juice (Store bought)

Spicy Channa Sundal, Iyar Style
Onion, Cucumber, Carrot Salad

Veg Starters:
Fried Masala Cashew
Onion Pakoras

Non Veg Starters:
Chicken Pakodas
Chicken Nuggets (Store bought)
Mutton Roast

Main Dishes
Pepper Chicken Curry, Tamil Nadu Style
Paneer Peas Masala
Pepper Cumin Rasam,
Plain Rice
Homemade Curds

Custard with Fruits
Butterscotch Ice Cream

Preparations for the party
Soaking the Channa overnight and getting it cooked by early evening.
Custard prepared the previous evening and refrigerated.
Masalas got ground by morning
Washing and cleaning the mutton, chicken and draining them over a colander by afternoon. Refrigerate until usage.
Marinate the Chicken for the Pakodas by 3 pm.
Mutton Roast got started by 5 pm along with Veg dishes.
Rasam can be cooked ahead by afternoon without tempering, which can be done just before the party.
Rice and rotis done by 7 pm.

Have all the onions chopped and ready for the pakodas.

 Paneer Peas Masala
 Pepper Chicken Curry, Tamil Nadu Style (without Coconut)
Spicy Kadala Sundal, Iyar Style
If you have noticed, we make sure we always have some dishes that we keep repeating and include some new dishes. Having all dishes as new may not always work out as expected. So always include some dishes that are your favourite and also your guests favorite.

In this menu, we repeated Chicken Pakodas and Mutton Roast as it was requested so many times. We thought our guests would love it and as expected they really enjoyed these.

The Onion Pakodas that I made were different from the one that’s already on the blog. Since I didn’t exactly click pictures of them, I am linking to the other recipe I have on the blog.

Party Menu 1
Party Menu 2 







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