Kuthravaali Puli Sadam ~ Day 8

Kuthiraivali Puli Sadam

Kuthravaali Puli Sadam or Barnyard Millet Tamarind Rice is an easy millet dish you can make as neivedyam this Navratri Season. For the Navratri Day 8, the neivedyam was a Puli Sadam with Barnyard Millet, Whole Moong Dal Sundal and Sakkarai Pongal as it was Tuesday. Check out the Navratri Special dishes for more ideas. […]

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Pulihora, Kadalai Paruppu Sundal ~ Day 2

Pulihora - Spicy Tamarind Rice

Navratri Day 2 prasadam was this spicy Pulihora made with a spice powder and has a long shelf life. This also works very well if you want to make it ahead. This version of Pulihora or the Spicy Tamarind Rice, is different from all the different Pulihora recipes I have. Pulihora is made with a spicy […]

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Gongura Pulihora | Andhra Style Red Sorrel Leaves Rice

Red Sorrel Leaves Rice

Gongura Pulihora is an Andhra special spicy mixed rice prepared with red sorrel leaves with spices. This is very quick and easy to make Pulihora. Andhra is famous for its gongura pachadi, which we make in couple of different methods. I have a Gongura Podi, Gongura Pappu, I have even made a fried rice with […]

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Pulihora | Tamarind Rice ~ Navratri Special Dishes – Day 1


Happy Navaratri to all my readers! We are starting the Navaratri pooja from today and we will be observing for the next nine days with special neivedyam for the Goddess. Please check my Navratri Special Dishes for more ideas to make these nine days. I hope you will find the page useful. Today I started […]

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Kovil Puliyodharai | Temple Style Puliyodharai

For the last and final day of Rice dishes, I have my most favorite version of mixed rice dish, the Kovil Puliyodharai. When we visit any temple, the one aspect that I really look forward would be for the prasadam and hoping it will be puliyodharai. Nothing can beat the taste that’s so unique to […]

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Mamidikaya Pulihora | Green Mango Rice | Mangai Sadam

When it’s Mango season, we always end up thinking what new we can make during the season. We have almost cooked and experiment whatever that’s commonly prepared in South India, especially with unripe, green Mango. So it does come as a surprise when you come across a new dish. Recently I happen to taste a […]

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Andhra Pulihora Recipe | Tamarind Rice ~ Andhra Special

If there has been one dish that has always captured my interest without any change in the intensity, it has always been a Pulihora. I really love that spicy, tangy Pulihora that is often a prasadam. And since it’s a prasadam, you only get to eat it in small offerings. Yet there have been occasions […]

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