Choliya Poori ~ A to Z Indian Pooris

Choliya Poori

Choliya Poori is made with fresh chickpea mixed with spices and deep fried as pooris. These are so delicious and can be enjoyed as such! Green Chickpea puri can be enjoyed for brunch or dinner with your favorite side dish. When it came to the alphabet C, I had a choice of picking Coorgi Puris, […]

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Besan ki Masala Poori ~ A to Z Indian Pooris

Besan Ki Masala poori

Besan ki Masala Poori or Besani Masala Poori is a poori made with Gram flour or Besan along with roasted spice powders. This makes a wonderful and ideal dish for weekend brunch. If you have the spice powders ground, you can easily make for your weekday breakfast as well. As I have already mentioned, I […]

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Achari Masala Poori ~ A to Z Indian Pooris

Achari Masala Poori

Achari Masala Poori is a delicious Indian Flatbread made with wheat flour and spices, including the homemade Achari Masala Powder. This makes a wonderful meal for a relaxed weekend brunch. We are starting the New Year’s Edition of BM that has some very interesting themes lined up. One of my all time favorite themes has […]

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Zhingalov Khats ~ Armenian Flatbread

Zhingalov Khats - Armenian Flatbread

Zhingalov Khats or Zhingyalov hats are Armenian Flatbreads that are stuffed with finely diced herbs and green vegetables. It is a traditional dish of Armenians from Artsakh. Zhingalov Khats are made with unleavened dough that is rolled out until it becomes paper-thin, then it is filled with the stuffing made of different greens, almost numbering […]

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Yufka ~ Turkish Flatbread

Yufka - Turkish Flatbread

Yufka is a traditional turkish flatbread that is used as a wrap to hold the fillings for a shawarma sandwich or the Turkish Durum. This was one of the dishes that I read on a lot from here and here. The two traditional flatbreads like the Yufka and Lavas are varieties of round or oval […]

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Xaxaba Diphaphata ~ Flatbread from Botswana

Xaxaba Diphaphata

Xaxaba Diphaphata is a flatbread or stove-top Muffins from Xaxaba, Botswana. These quick bread are easy to make, with just handful of ingredients for a filling breakfast. As expected with the alphabet, it was quite tough finding a flatbread starting with X. From the beginning I had this Diphaphata from Xaxaba, Botswana bookmarked. Priya had […]

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Warqi Paratha | How to make Layered Parotta

Warqi Paratha

Warqi Paratha is a rich layered paratha popular in many Indian States and Pakistan. This rich paratha makes a delicious combination with any gravy. While I regularly make parotta, I was searching for W and ended up checking out many recipes and finally, this was different from the way I normally make, in sense of […]

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Vastad Rotti | Konkani style Banana Flatbread

Vastad Rotti

Vastad Rotti is a tawa or pan fried version of the famous breakfast from South Karnataka, Mangalore buns. While Mangalore Buns are made from refined flour or All Purpose flour, and deep fried, it can also be made with wheat flour. When I first made Mangalore Buns, I went the regular way and made it […]

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Ukkarisida Akki Rotti

Ukkarisida Akki Rotti

Ukkarisida Akki Rotti is a traditional flatbread from Karnataka made with rice flour. This Karnataka Rotti is cooked directly on the flame similar to wheat phulkas. While rice rotis or rottis are popular in Andhra as well, the Akki Rotti from Karnataka is made very popular. The other form of Rice rotis is by cooking […]

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Torta Al Testo ~ An Umbrian flatbread

Torta Al Testo

Torta Al Testo is a traditional Umbrian flatbread that is stuffed with sauteed greens, cured meats, and cheeses. This is a popular street food flatbread across Umbria and is used as a wrap for sandwiches with fillings ranging from bitter greens to cured meats and cheese. This flatbread is sometimes referred as torta sul Testo […]

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Sheermal ~ Awadhi Flatbread


Sheermal is a mildly sweet flatbread. It is made out of maida, leavened with yeast, baked in a tandoor or oven. Sheermal was traditionally made like roti, though current chefs make it more like a naan as well. When you are making as a naan, the warm water is replaced with warm milk sweetened with […]

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