Idiyappam Recipe

Idiyappam - Kerala Breakfast Thali

Idiyappam Recipe is one of the most popular in Kerala Cuisine. These string hoppers or noodles are made with rice flour and served with spicy side dish like vegetable kurma or non veg gravy. These Idiyappam are healthy are these are prepared without oil and steamed. These are traditional food prepared with rice flour, pressed […]

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Kodava Thalia Puttu

Coorg Breakfast Thali

Kodava Thalia Puttu is an authentic recipe from Coorg. This is a steamed Rice Coconut Cake made with a batter made using rice and coconut milk fermented overnight. These steamed dish is a soft and fluffy rice cake fermented overnight. They are best served for breakfast with a bowl of sambar or chutney by the […]

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Grilled Chocolate Sandwich

How to make Grilled Chocolate Sandwich

Sinful grilled chocolate Sandwich makes an excellent decadent snack or a breakfast when you are in a hurry to feed your kid! This can become a delicious dessert when served with ice cream! These yummy chocolate sandwiches can be made very quickly when you have the ready to use chocolate sauce or just plain chocolates […]

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