Hotel Style Vegetable Kurma for Parotta

Hotel Style Kurma for Parottas is a recipe from a cook who sells parottas in a Madras. If Madras Street Food is famous for its eatery, then it’s the Biryanis and Parottas. Nowhere else will you find those flaky parottas made on the road side more prevalent than in Tamil Nadu. Today’s recipe is shared […]

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Munakkaya Jeedipappu Masala Kura | Drumstick in Cashew nut Gravy

Munakkaya Jeedipappu Masala Kura

Munakkaya Jeedipappu Masala Kura is an authentic Andhra side dish, specially prepared in the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. Since I don’t like cashews I never ventured into dishes that feature cashews as the base ingredient. Ever since I have started making Paneer Butter Masala with cashew paste, I have overcome my aversion and don’t […]

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How to make Tomato Pickle | Andhra Tomato Pachadi

Andhra Tomato Pachadi

Tomato Pickle or this Andhra Tomato Pachadi makes an excellent chutney to be served for Idlies or Dosas. This is the latest addiction at home and have already made it couple of times. This gets served for every tiffin dish that gets served. Chutneys in the morning is always Peanut Chutney. So adding this to […]

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Kara Chutney ~ Easy Tiffin Chutney

Kara Chutney

Kara Chutney is one of those delicious chutneys you get served in Tamil Nadu Hotels. Most are bright red in colour and are spicy as well. Today’s version is quite simple and easy to make and all with 4 main ingredients and some of the tempering ingredients. This Kara Chutney can be considered as 4 […]

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Kothimira Pachadi | Kothamalli Chutney for Dosas

One can never have enough chutneys to make. Even with over 70+ chutney recipes, I still have something new to share today. This one happens to be again one that I noted down from Athamma. She is a master in making Chutneys, Podis, and Pickles and never misses a chance to make a new one.This […]

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Ghugni | Bihari Style Peas Potato Gravy

When I was doing the Mega BM on Indian Regional Cuisine, for B I had so many dishes short listed with the help of my Bihari colleague. However as I was doing a series on Indian Bread, I had to drop out quite a few of them. Many got bookmarked and left for posterity.However when […]

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Capsicum Coconut Masala ~ Lunch Box Series : LBS#83

Today’s dish is from a Telugu cooking show. The combination of pepper and coconut sounded interesting and so I tried it right away. It is definitely a different and delicious combination. For the second day of cooking with Capsicum under 1 Vegetable 3 dishes, I have a Capsicum Coconut Curry. This has been in the […]

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Red Chili Coconut Chutney ~ Side Dish for Dosas

Red Chili Coconut Chutney

South Indian Cuisine is rich for its various chutneys that get prepared for various dishes. The tiffin chutneys that serve both the breakfast or dinner are simple and quick to make. Today’s chutney is prepared with Dry Red chillies along with coconut and is an excellent side dish to be served for the Instant Tomato […]

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Udupi Style Eggplant Dry Curry ~ Step by step

I made this brinjal dry saute for the first time during doing September Mega BM “Buffet on Table, based on Indian States. I had done an Udupi thali and this Dry saute was part of the thali. Since we love brinjal dry saute, this was repeated after that. Though I never got around posting the […]

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