Dhal Puri | How to make Dhalpuri Roti

Dhal Puri

Dhalpuri roti is an Indian Inspired flatbread from Trinidad and Tobago. This flatbread is stuffed with seasoned ground split peas. Dhal Puri can be eaten as such or with a chutney. Though this is called a puri, it’s pan cooked paratha. I came across roti when I was reading on Trinidad for regular BM and […]

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Pholourie | How to make Easy Pholourie


Pholourie is a fried spiced snack made from a mix of all purpose flour and gram flour, very popular in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Suriname. This was original brought from the Indians settled here many years ago. In the theme I was cooking on Adapted cuisines, I also wanted to cover something on Indian […]

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Aloo Pie | How to make Trinidad Aloo Pie

For the second day of Pick one do 3 or Pick 1 from each, I have opted to pick one dish from each of the three lists I had given. Today it is going to be List of Potato Dishes.Now I am sure we already have so many potato dishes to talk about and so […]

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